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For author's fees, maintenance of the website and additional costs Damkunst spends about 2,500 euros annually. Because the vision of Damkunst is that the content is freely available, this means that the necessary money must come from donations.

Who transfers 50 euro per year becomes "Friend of Damkunst". Your name will appear on the site – unless you object, of course. Also, you will be informed when a new analysis is available, and you will stay informed of interim developments of Damkunst. On to fifty friends! Who joins?

It is the preference of Damkunst to receive donations directly on the account below. When transferring please mention "Damkunst" as well as your e-mail address. The latter is needed to be placed on the Damkunst email list.

If you prefer to transfer via GoFundMe, no problem. But it is good to know that Damkunst pays a small contribution for each donation via this route.

Bank details

Account number: NL59 RABO 0314 4043 17 In the name of B. Provoost

With reference to "Damkunst" and e-mail address.


Through the fundraising platform GoFundMe you can quickly, easily and safely transfer money to Damkunst. However, Damkunst must pay a small contribution for each donation, which is why direct bank transfer is preferred. Contact [email protected] if donating from abroad gives you problems.


At least once a year, Damkunst will communicate about its income and expenses. On the site there is also a 'gauge' which shows how much Damkunst has in cash and how much money Damkunst needs in order to stay financially healthy.

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